How to Find a Niche For Your Website

There are millions of niches just waiting to be filled, and finding one, quite honestly, isn’t very hard. You can make money off of just about any niche if you work smart. One of the first places to look for a niche is at your favorite news portal. In my opinion it is much easier to create a niche site for a new product or trend rather than an existing one. Although one can create a niche minisite for an older product, it’s just harder.

Everyday new products are being announced that have the potential to become successful. What you have to do is look at these new products and decide which ones you can grab at least a smidgen of the market for. Some easy ones to keep an eye on are new TV shows, movies, rising artists (I hate rap, but rap niche sites are some of the easiest to turn into money makers), cars, and then your typical new inventions/products.

At last year’s E3 a weird little gadget was unveiled called the NintendoWii. Everyone instantly started jumping on Wii-related domains, including myself. One little nugget I managed to grab was Red Steel is supposed to be one of the first Wii titles to make use of the Wii remote in all its glory. The domain is decent, but it isn’t anything to jump over joy for.

If you remember from Domaining 101: Extensions, isn’t as good as .com, .net, or .org; however, this domain does contain my main keywords and will do just fine for the niche minisite I plan on putting up. I’ve had this domain for months, but simply haven’t gotten around to putting up a site for it yet. You’ll find that happens sometimes when you’re constantly finding new markets to exploit through niche minisites.

The beauty of it is that if I never use this domain, it’s less than $10/year loss, and I can always revisit it and put up a new site. Keep in mind that I registered based on speculation alone. When setting up niche minisites for future products you will be doing this often; however, if you are creating a site for an existing product then you will need to do extensive keyword research before investing.

In the case of Red Steel, it was a safe bet that the game would build enough publicity upon release to make this minisite profitable, so I went ahead with the purchase.